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Senior Care Plans, Distinctively Customized

Let’s help your elderly loved ones live a fuller, more meaningful life by providing them with care tailored to their needs.

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Sometimes, healthcare providers dealing with elderly patients are reluctant to talk about home care resources if the patients’ needs are not strictly medical. Even though healthcare providers may notice that these elderly individuals are having a hard time dealing with their day-to-day life or even their health, they still find it hard to discuss long-term care plan with these patients because they are mostly in denial with what they go through. Providing patients with all options available to deal with their declining health can empower them to make an informed decision. Home care is an ideal option for many individuals and families.

At Divine Favour Senior Homecare, our care professionals strive to provide patients and their families with the best option available to them. We begin with discussing the available care and conducting a free in-home assessment to create a personalized care plan tailored to the patients’ needs. The goal is to offer support that the patients need to continue living independently. Services can range from vitals monitoring, meal preparation, and medication reminders, to all forms of assistance with activities of daily living and personal care. We aim to meet and surpass the needs of our clients who require our care.

Many doctors find it hard to discuss the patients’ need to stop driving. This is because many aging individuals consider giving up their car keys one of the hardest things to do. But helping them to be informed of the alternatives available to them can make the transition from them being the driver to passenger a smooth sailing process. At Divine Favour Senior Homecare, we would be happy to assist with any of your patients’ transportation needs. Our staff often receives requests to provide transportation assistance to doctor’s appointments, running errands, and even accompanying our clients to social outings.