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When Should You Refer

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Let’s help your elderly loved ones live a fuller, more meaningful life by providing them with care tailored to their needs.

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Anyone can refer someone for home care services, but healthcare professionals are usually the ones who are knowledgeable enough of the challenges experienced by the patients. Physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, and social workers have the chance to get to know their patients better and can help them with the information and resources available to them. A patient’s case can be different from that of the others, but the questionnaire below can assist you with your assessment whether home care is the best option for your patient, as well as to know when to actually refer them.

Through our wide range of support services, Divine Favour Senior Homecare is able to assist patients with many aspects of their care needs. If you think that a patient would benefit from the services we provide, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to discuss referrals as we work with you, and your patient, to provide the distinctively customized support they need.

Here are the questions for your guidance:
  • Does your patient require medication monitoring?
  • Has your patient been diagnosed with a neurological disease requiring supervision or assistance?
  • Would your patient need mobility assistance due to general weakness or as the result of a stroke?
  • Does your patient have trouble eating a nutritional and balanced diet?
  • Is personal care beneficial for your patient such as bathing or incontinence care?
  • Would your patient benefit from having a companion several days a week to assist in the general upkeep of their home?
  • Does your patient need assistance with tracking their vitals?
  • Has your patient been experiencing frequent falls or are they usually out of balance?
  • Does your patient suffer from caregiver fatigue due to caring for a loved one full-time?
  • Has your patient been scheduled for a surgery and would benefit from having an aide to assist in their recovery?
  • Is wound care required to help with your patients’ cleaning/dressing of their post-surgical site?