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Indoor Activities for Seniors to Keep Away From Boredom

Indoor Activities for Seniors to Keep Away From Boredom

Some seniors may feel bored while staying at home, especially those who have limited mobility and undergoing home treatments.

Divine Favour Senior Homecare, an expert in Homecare in Canada, suggests that caregivers should promote holding fun indoor activities for seniors to avoid loneliness while quarantined at home. Below are some examples.

  • Board games
    Chess, checkers, and backgammon are classic board games carers can play with the elderly. Some may find it passive, but it stimulates the brain cells that could help sharpen the mind. If they don’t have any infectious disease, elders can play scrabble with grandkids to make playday more fun and engaging.
  • Indoor gardening
    Caring for plants indoors can be a revigorating activity. They can plant succulents and small fruit-bearing plants that can be placed on a tabletop or in a windowsill.
  • Storytelling with kids
    Grandparents will surely enjoy telling stories to their grandchildren. They can read books together and bond at home.

Seniors under Personal Care Services have more options they can ask from their caregivers. There are many other things they can do together, like meal preparation and exercise.

For home care services in Ontario, Canada, contact us at 647-766-5394. We can assist seniors with Alzheimer’s and Dementia care, transportation, companionship, and more! And we also have healthcare professionals to monitor your elders at home. Call us now!

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