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Making a Decision as a Family

Making a Decision as a Family

How to talk to your loved one about hiring a home care provider

Has it been very challenging to convince your aging mom and dad to receive extra hands to assist them at home? We understand how that must be very unfamiliar and uncomfortable to them. But as family caregivers, your best position is to ensure that they are safe, healthy, and comfortable at home, so they can benefit more in the aging years ahead.

As quality providers of home care services in Ontario, Canada, we have seen how receiving help at home can greatly alleviate a lot of the difficulties in performing daily activities. So, we have compiled these suggestions to help you encourage your aging parents, along with the whole family, to decide in getting a home care provider.

  • Grab Every Opportunity
    It’s very understandable for your parents to have a hesitant perspective in receiving extra assistance. They might feel like their independence will be limited or that they are no longer serving a purpose. However, these are not true as you only intend for their safest and best condition at home. To help you reinforce your point, take every opportunity available to integrate the discussion, especially when the topic is very engaging to your loved ones. For instance, when a news report talks about the needs of seniors, you can ride on with this information to highlight the need for getting services from a Homecare in Canada.
  • Empathize with Your Aging Loved One
    It’s very vital that your senior loved ones know that you fully intend for their best intentions. You have to be able to convey your request in a way that makes them feel that you understand how they are going through. While empathy is not that easy to establish, you can use empathetic words such as, “I love you so much and I want you to enjoy your years even more”, or “I think a lot about your safety while I’m at work.” When they know that you genuinely care for their interest, there’s a higher chance for them to agree on getting Personal Care Services.
  • Research About Care Options
    It’s very helpful for you and your loved one when you get your bases covered regarding in-home care. Do a research on the different care service options that are available for your loved one. Know what they need so you are best armed with knowledge and information when you talk about this topic with them. This way, you gain more chance of convincing them on the advantages of getting in-home care.

Just keep in mind that getting in-home care providers to assist your aging loved one can be even more effective when they take part in the decision-making. Ensure that you consult their inputs about this matter while at the same time, apply the recommended tips above. When you go looking for in-home care providers, our team at Divine Favour Home Care is just right here for you.

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